Snuggle Beds CharCOOL 2 Memory Foam Topper 4' Small Double Topper

Snuggle Beds CharCOOL 2 Memory Foam Topper 4' Small Double Topper


The CharCOOL Memory Foam Topper from Snuggle Beds captures the natural powers of bamboo charcoal to alter the humidity of the air, releasing or absorbing moisture as required. Farmed in South East China, the Memory Foam Topper is made from plants no younger than five years. CharCOOL is a great alternative for those suffering from aches and pains as the topper moulds to the contours of your body due to its temperature-sensitive memory foam, providing maximum support for pressure points. After each sleep, the topper will cool and set back to its original shape, fresh for another night's sleep.

Please note as this is a memory foam mattress, you may expect a slight odour which should disappear within 2 - 4 weeks of use. This is due to the fire retardant spray used on the memory foam.

Please note headboard is not included.

Please note wood may be visible through the Classic fabrics.

Divan base is manufactured by British Bed Company

  • Infused with CharCOOL technology.
  • Moulds to your body for extra support.
  • Temperature sensitive memory foam.
  • Naturally cooling.
  • 2 Inches Deep

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