Popular Mattress Sizes & Mattress Types

  • Single Mattresses


    Width: 92cm - Length: 192cm (3ft x 6ft 4in)

    From: £48.99

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  • Double Mattresses


    Width: 137cm - Length: 192cm (4ft 6in x 6ft 4in)

    From: £74.99

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  • King Size Mattresses


    Width: 152cm - Length: 202cm (5ft x 6ft 8in)

    From: £87.99

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  • Super King Mattresses

    Super King

    Width: 182cm - Length: 202cm (6ft x 6ft 8in)

    From: £129.95

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Popular Bed Sizes & Bed Types

Don't buy a cheap mattress, buy a quality mattress cheap

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Sleep is the most important activity our body undertakes. It is whilst we are asleep that our body totally relaxes and recharges to get ready for the daily functions that we need to carry out. In a recent clinical survey it has been proven that replacing an uncomfortable mattress for a comfortable one will greatly improve your sleep. For our bodies to function properly it is necessary to get the best sleep we can when we can.

It therefore goes without saying that it is obligatory that you invest in a good mattress in order that you get that good night’s sleep. It is not necessarily that the most expensive mattress is the best mattress. Just because it is expensive it will not guarantee the best nights sleep, it is a matter of preference. Not everybody finds sleeping on a firm mattress comfortable many people prefer a softer less firm mattress.

Advantages of investing in a better mattress

It has been proven that a more expensive mattress will last longer than a less expensive option. The mattress will be of an improved quality, it will be thicker with more luxurious fillings and materials. It is thought that the average lifespan of a mattress is 7 to 10 years. Obviously with a cheaper mattress it will not necessarily last this long. Over a 7 to 10 year period you could end up replacing a cheaper mattress several times which, will be a false economy in the long run.

Disadvantages of buying a cheaper mattress

The financial disadvantages of purchasing a cheap mattress are a lot different to the health aspects of sleeping on an inadequate mattress.

It goes without saying that a cheap mattress will not stand the test of time. In a cheap mattress the springs/coils will not last as long as an a more expensive option. It will become lumpy more quickly and therefore, require replacing a lot quicker as it is no longer fulfilling its purpose.

Turning to the health aspects which, are very important to consider when making your purchase are firstly and probably most importantly, the failure to have a good rest and sleep on a good mattress increases the risk of developing back and neck pains. Furthermore, you will be more susceptible to headaches and body aches due to pressure on your shoulders, hips and other parts of the body . Another problem associated with sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress is that you will not benefit from a goods nights sleep as you will continue to toss and turn in a effort to find a comfortable sleeping position.

The knock on effect of this is that your body will not be getting the required amount of rest that it requires to function and therefore, you will be left feeling tired for most of the day. This in turns means that you may not be as productive during the day and not in the right mental frame.

If you end up suffering from any of these problems you could be paying out indirectly to osteopaths, chiropractors or physio therapists when your problems could all be down to the wrong mattress.

What makes a good mattress

A good mattress will provide the correct level of support to you throughout the night. The definition of good support when buying a mattress is one that can comfortably hold your body from head to toe. To achieve this the mattress should be thick enough to provide you with a high degree of comfort, having a thin mattress is equivalent to having no mattress at all.

The size of the mattress needs to be considered. It is advised that it is better to go for bigger beds and bigger mattresses. The thinking behind this is that you will be afforded more room to turn over and sleep on either side. In a small mattress you are very restricted and this confines your movement in bed. Additionally, in a larger beds you have the benefit of more than one person being able to sleep in bed comfortably together. It goes without saying that investing in a good mattress today will reap the benefits in the long run. It will not be a purchase that you will live to regret, quite the opposite, it may turn out to be your best investment.

Used mattresses

A certain no go when buying a mattress is not to buy a second hand or used mattress. Firstly, you will not know what has occurred on that bed i.e. any child bed wetting accidents etc. Additionally, you will be sleeping with someone else's bodily fluid, mould, bacteria, dust mites etc.


To summarise you need to carefully consider all factors before purchasing a mattress. It needs to be supportive and comfortable first of all but, the correct denseness and size also need consideration. Of course the cost will be of importance just remember that a mattress that costs £1,000 will cost about 28p per night (over a 10 year period). Compare this to your other daily expenditures and it seems irreverent.