Television Beds

New to the market is the television bed but is this just a fad or is it here to stay. At present it is one of the most popular inventions on the home and entertainment market. The concept of a television in your bed is very Hollywood and at one time would have been considered to be something only available to the rich and famous. Now it is a stylish piece of furniture that is available to us all. It is thought that over the next 5 years the majority of households will own one of these TV Beds. Are you going to be one of the first?

Advantages of the Television Bed

A definite advantage of the television bed is the fact that whilst watching television you can be ultimately comfortable and furthermore relaxed which, is imperative in this day. Television beds are particularly suitable to people who are bedridden or perhaps confined in hospital.

With the television bed it takes away the decision of staying up to watch television downstairs or retiring to bed for an early night. Now you can simply go to bed watch TV and put it away once you are ready to go to sleep. It will also prevent disagreements about who wants to watch what in shared households. Although the new argument will be who will have the bedroom.

A further benefit is the fact that they are a space saver item of furniture as a separate piece of furniture is not required to house the television and accompanying electrical equipment.

Suitability of Television bed

These beds are suitable for all types of home and provide an additional style and luxuriousness to your bedroom. Television beds would not be out of place in any environment and could easily be found in hotel suites, modern or traditional homes or in minimalist or stylish apartments or flats. Whatever your style of home there will be a bed to suit.

How the television bed works

The television bed is operated by simply the touch of a remote control button, this then causes a television to be raised/lowered from the integrated panel in the foot of the bed, providing the ideal viewing position. Additionally, there is space in the bed to house your satellite/ cable box, games console or DVD player. These may be extras in the bed you choose.

Considerations when choosing a television bed

Television beds can be made to order which is obviously a more expensive option. However, there are many companies which, provide a choice of bed sizes, colour and material.

The size of the bed will determine the size of the television. The larger beds can accommodate televisions up to 50'' and a maximum weight of 80kg. Normally television beds house televisions between 21 to 32 inches in size.

Purchasing a television bed

Before purchasing a bed you need to think about size, this means considering both the size of the bed and TV screen. Typically a double bed will comfortably accommodate a 21-26 inch screen. If you are opting for a larger size bed such as a queen or a king-size bed then you could look at larger screens.

Another consideration to take into account when making a purchase is the material on the bed frame. As you are already investing in this substantial purchase it is worth considering real leather as opposed to the faux leather brands that are available. In the scheme of things the cost for a genuine leather bed is not substantially more. The end product of a TV bed should be one that is stylish and luxurious.

Perhaps the most important consideration is the actual TV. Typically this will be the one component that could go wrong so it is recommended that you look at an established and recognised television manufacturer such as Sony, Toshiba or LG amongst others. With these branded names you will get a full warranty on your product.

Additionally you should ensure that the overall bed has a warranty to cover any mechanical problems that may arise. Consider all extras you might require on your TV bed like storage, safety locks for children and importantly that all wires are hidden but, easily accessible if you wish to change out your equipment.

The final thing to mention is to enjoy your Television bed, it is your very own personalized adaptation of a private in-room entertainment system right in the comfort of your bedroom. Lastly make sure that your room is large enough to accommodate the bed.