Pocket Sprung Mattresses. The Facts

If you are looking for a mattress with the utmost support then a pocket sprung mattress maybe what you are looking for, it is deemed to be the best choice available.


The way in which these mattresses work is the fact that each individual small spring is housed in separate fabric pockets this in turn allows them to operate individually. With the springs operating in this way it allows the bed to respond to individual body weights. These mattresses have hand stitched sides to provide reinforced edges. There are then two layers between the individual springs that are filled with material such as cotton, lambswool, mohair, cashmere, silk or horsehair. Then the mattress is completed with an anti allergy layer and covered by damask.

A pocket sprung mattress will mould to the shape of your body like a soft mattress but, because it alters to your individual body shape it furnishes complete support like a firm mattress. This type of mattress is ideal if there is a differential weight difference or size variation between you and your partner.


Compared to a normal mattress a pocket sprung mattress has nine times the number of springs as the established mattress that are on sale, this provides the increased support. Each spring acts as a support mechanism for the body, with twice as many springs you will get twice the level of support. Hence your mattress will be providing indulgence and comfort whilst still giving extraordinary support.

Unlike memory foam mattresses, pocket sprung mattresses allow the body to breathe and will warm the bed in winter and provide coolness in summer.


As with all mattresses there can be disadvantages and some of the more common complaints with pocket sprung mattresses are; the mattress may begin to sag and a lump could begin to appear in the centre of the bed as early as 1-2 years after purchase. Even if you invest in a premium mattress it can still reach its lifespan after 5 years. The force exercised by the springs can cause back pain and numbness and result in considerable tossing and turning during your sleep.

A pocket sprung mattress must be turned regularly to ensure even settlement, this means it has to be turned head to toe and flipped over frequently, it is recommended once a month. This will prolong the life of the mattress. But, as pocket sprung mattresses are heavy and cumbersome they can be awkward to move and turn.


As with any mattress purchase it is imperative to do your homework and test as many mattresses as you can. It is after all a major purchase that you hope to have for a number of years.