Adjustable Beds - The Benefits

Adjustable beds are growing in popularity for many individuals owing to the therapeutic benefits they derive from these beds. For a growing number of people they are finding immense relief from their physical aliments and conditions when using one of these beds. They are no longer something that you will see only in a hospital. They are not a new concept and there is evidence that they could have been around since the early 16th century. Todays bed as we know it was developed by Dr Willis Gatch in the early 1900's and were a major progression in health care.

To meet their growing popularity the beds are now being manufactured so that they compliment bedrooms and blend seamlessly in with the decor and furnishings, it will not be immediately evident that is is an adjustable bed, by day the bed looks just like a traditional mattress but, it is at night that it transforms into the ultimate form of comfort. To further compliment your bed you can invest in a memory foam or natural latex mattress that further assists in getting a good and comfortable nights sleep. We are all aware of the benefits and importance of getting a good nights sleep, as this is when the body recuperates and recharges itself.

An adjustable bed is also referred to as a “Fowler Bed”, as it is characteristic of the Fowler position, where the upper body is raised 45-60 degrees. The beds can be applied to a variety of positions to help ease pain and pressure in the body.

An adjustable bed is so easy to use, with the touch of a button you can move the bed to the position that best suits you. You can have your head, neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, hips, thighs, legs and feet supported, this prevents the necessity to toss and turn to get a comfortable sleeping position. You can select and tailor the bed shape to meet your own requirements and comfort.

There are many individuals that suffer with a variety of conditions who may find relief in using one of these beds. In particular those who suffer with specific types of back pain such as Degenerative Spondylolisthesis, Osteoarthritis, Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis or those with mobility issues. Those with back problems find that as you can position the body to a slight incline i.e. higher than the lower body, as well as being able to support the knees discover this can relieve some of the pressure on the lower back that can be advantageous in assisting with the pain. In addition those with health problems such as, poor circulation, swelling, breathing problems like snoring and asthma, or those with acid reflux or GERD or if you are recovering from post surgery healing can all benefit. People affected by these conditions have all found relief from their conditions when using an adjustable bed. By being able to raise the head it can ease breathing, it is also much more comfortable and easier than trying to position yourself with a mound of pillows, the upright position can alleviate some of the stress from the lungs. Those with poor circulation often suffer with swelling (Edema) in the legs and feet and this can be eased by raising your feet above your head which, is easy to do with an adjustable bed.

Sleeping in a raised or elevated position promotes the oxygen circulating your body, allowing it to flow more freely thus leading to a more restful nights sleep. Sleeping in this position also enhances the capacity of the body to digest food correctly, that will benefit those that are prone to eating late at night or prior to going to bed.

Many of us today use our bed for much more than just sleeping, it is common for us to read, sleep, work and watch television in bed so it is important to be comfortable here. With the adjustable bed you can position the bed to a comfortable position that remains, yes you can do this with pillows but they slide and move when you do meaning that you have to adjust them and refluff them continuously, the adjustable bed takes away this inconvenience.

A great additional feature that you get with adjustable beds is the massage upgrade, we are all aware of the benefits of massage. Having your own massage nightly is fantastic and will allow you to reap the rewards. Some of the health benefits of massage include, a stress reducer, a decrease in blood pressure, eases tension headaches and eyestrain and relaxes muscle tension. The massage effect improves circulation and is a great if you are bed bound or confined to bed whilst recovering, they help to prevent bed sores and pressure pain.

Other options include alarms and even anti-snore controls. Todays beds no longer maintain their institutional look, now they are sleek and modern, the motors are quiet and all the mechanics are concealed. They will compliment any bedroom.

Adjustable beds are available in a variety of styles and sizes, you can choose from a 3ft to 6ft bed and from full divans or half divans, these split options operate each half independent of the other, they are ideally suited to couples who have contrasting needs and preferences, both can get their own setting just right and sleep in harmony side-by-side. There is a style and size to suit everyone and they are available to suit all budgets.

These beds are not just for those with medical conditions and are ideal for healthy people who will also reap just as many rewards from these beds and will get a great nights sleep.

If considering purchasing an adjustable bed do take into account several factors, the most obvious being your budget. Next to look at is the manufacturers warranty, many reputable manufacturers offer about 20 years of limited warranty cover, but a full coverage warranty usually varies and can be for twelve months or extend to five years, so it is worth checking. Also in some instances the warranties might not include important components like motors. Do do your homework before making your purchase you want to happy with the product you have chosen. Also it is recommended that you purchase a memory or latex foam mattress as they are flexible and mould to the base making them more durable than a traditional innerspring mattress, they are not suited and will get damaged with the constant movement and could affect the functionality of the base.

An adjustable bed is a considerable expense but, if you are suffering from any of the aforementioned conditions it could be a small price to pay for the relief and comfort they provide. Consider your preferences and the possible advantages one of these beds can give to you and then you will be better informed as to whether an adjustable bed is the right decision for you.

There is good news for those who are disabled or have a long term illness. As long as your condition qualifies you will not be liable to pay VAT on an adjustable bed. This makes for a considerable saving if you are thinking of investing in one of these beds. The criteria to get the product VAT free, is :

  • that your disability has to have a physical or mental affliction that prevents you from accomplishing everyday activities.
  • Your condition is classified as an incurable sickness, such as diabetes.
  • You are terminally ill.

You will be required to certify in writing that you adhere to the relevant criteria. You will most likely be given a form to complete by the supplier.

Unfortunately, you will not qualify if you are elderly but continue to be active or if you are temporarily disabled.